‘Barbie’ inspires confidence on the outside

The overwhelmingly positive response to the blockbuster “Barbie” movie has been attributed to many things, from its feminist messaging to nostalgia. However, there’s one aspect that has been overlooked during discussions about why we love Barbie dolls — and the movie inspired by the doll — and that’s how the

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Tackling Cracked, Dry Winter Lips

Let’s face it…winter skin is no one’s favorite. Especially if you live in cold temperatures and have to deal with dry, chapped, cracking lips. Let me tell you, I’ve been in Utah for almost two weeks and oh boy my lips are feeling it. If you suffer from extremely dry

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Valentine’s Day Crockpot Meal

Looking for a no fuss meal idea for Valentine’s Day this year? Here is an idea for a “fix it and forget it” Crockpot meal that you can throw together in the morning or at lunchtime and “not cook” that night…plus it sounds fancy! Italian Chicken Chardonnay Ingredients: – 2

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