‘Barbie’ inspires confidence on the outside

The overwhelmingly positive response to the blockbuster “Barbie” movie has been attributed to many things, from its feminist messaging to nostalgia. However, there’s one aspect that has been overlooked during discussions about why we love Barbie dolls — and the movie inspired by the doll — and that’s how the

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Safer Sunscreen

Let’s tall safer Sunscreen! You may think what’s there to know? Based on my skin tone or family history I just go to the local drug store and pick a 30+ or higher protection from the tall shelf of sunscreen. Maybe you even grab the BOGO free option. WRONG! ❌ Just

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It’s Finally Grilling Season!

Looking for something yummy and fresh to grill up this Memorial Day weekend? Today we have a special guest sharing her favorite fish taco recipe with us complete with homemade slaw, pickled onions and avocado… Hi everybody! My name is Rene and I work with Jennie at CALYgirl STYLD! I

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