Fashion Tips to Help You Through The Summer-to-Fall Transition

In many places fall is funny. In fact, it’s already snowing in some parts of the US while it still feels like summer here in southern Florida. But in most other places you may be feeling summer come to an end with cooler morning and evening temps; you may even be donning a light sweater all day now. It is a transitional season though, and I really look forward to it because there are so many fashion opportunities to take advantage of.

I have 4 Fall Fashion tips to help you through the summer-to-fall transition.

1. Get an “it” piece.

Discover your favorite piece of outerwear for fall that can be your go-to. This versatile piece could be a denim jacket, a cardigan, etc., but it will be a wardrobe staple. A quality, lightweight piece of outerwear will help you with easy layering that you can remove and tuck away if you do get too warm.

2. Break out your fall boots.

Is this not the best part of cooler weather!? Swap out your sandals for booties to keep your toes toasty in cooler weather. You can pair virtually any style of boot with a summer dress for an early fall look. These are two of my favorite from Steve Madden.

3. Mix a summer piece with something warm.

Much of what’s in your closet will still work for you through the fall. Summer dresses can be layered over a long-sleeve top, tank tops can be layered with an oversized cardigan, and shorts can be swapped for jeans or leggings with your favorite tops. 

4. Keep it spicy.

Muted fall colors are lovely… on trees. But for your wardrobe, continue to choose colors and patterns you feel great in. You can still wear bright colors, and you won’t go wrong with animal prints. 

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