My Top Tips on how to Hide the Mum Tum

One of the main issues I’m approached about is the mum tum! You know, that post-baby mom belly. Before kids I had washboard abs. Even when I gained weight I just carried it in my thighs and butt, but never my stomach. Now, 4 kids later and being just over 40, I’ve got the mom pooch! I can’t tell you how many mornings I walk into my closet thinking about what I can wear that’s going to 1) hide the mum tum, 2) feel comfy all day, and 3) still look put together. 

But don’t worry! I have several looks that are going to help you feel good (and look good) in the skin you’re in! 

Flowy Tops:

A bright and beautiful top with sleeve detail or detail at the top of the shirt is perfect with fitted pants. With slimming jeans, you can wear a looser top like this, because it’s not going to draw attention to your belly. What you don’t want to do is wear a top like this with boyfriend jeans, loose pants, or a skirt, because it will be baggy and make you appear large.


YES, you can still wear your fav graphic tee even if you have a mom belly to hide! Just be sure to buy t-shirts in your true size or possibly size down. Many people think if they get a big, baggy t-shirt, they can hide their pooch, but the truth is that it’s just not flattering! You don’t want it to be skin tight, but don’t size up either. We can deal with any loose fabric in two ways: a side tuck or a front tuck. Just don’t do an all-around tuck!

Layering with a Cardigan:

You can for sure make layers look good and use this style to help you hide your belly. Grab a nice thin, slender cardigan. You don’t want too much fabric that will make you look boxy. Definitely add wedges to give you some height. They make you long and lean!

Layering with Denim:

When you’re layering with a denim jacket, my number one tip is to make sure your jacket is about belly button length, and your shirt underneath should be longer. Again, don’t size up. Too much fabric looks boxy. When you layer, wear slimming, fitted jeans, leggings, or joggers.

Waisted Dress:

Dresses with a fitted or rouched waist are every mom’s best friend! The built in elastic automatically provides dimension to your figure and has a great slimming effect. Getting dressed doesn’t get easier than that!

Maxi Dress:

I know what you’re probably thinking but this is another myth I have to bust. You CAN wear maxi dresses and hide your mum tum! This makes me happy because I love the ease. The trick to making a maxi dress look good is to add a belt. If you leave it loose you might look bigger than you really are. Adding a belt gives you dimension by breaking up the straight lines, and it gives you structure and a silhouette. 

To get a visual of what these styles look like, be sure to tune in to my latest YouTube video. Let me know how these tips help you and what you’d love to learn more about next!

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