How to Look Long & Lean in White Denim

Through spring and summer, I really love a good, crisp pair of white denim jeans. BUT I also know that they don’t look flattering on every body type and they are probably one of the harder styles of denim to find for women who carry their weight in their legs, butt and mid-section. That’s me….and here is what I keep in mind when wearing white denim to make my legs look LONG + LEAN!

Drawing from my experience in the fashion industry, I have learned 3 key, but EASY, styling hacks so your legs can look nice and long and lean when you wear white denim.

White denim really is very gorgeous when STYLD correctly. Keep these tips in mind when rocking’ your white denim this season!

1. Make sure you get a pair that are fitted, but aren’t too tight. 

Your white denim should not squeeze your legs, creating rolls or bunching. You don’t want it grasping at your legs and thighs, making crease lines in all the wrong places. You also don’t want your denim to be made with a thin material. You shouldn’t see the lining of your pockets. Straight leg is best when you’re wearing white, and if you don’t carry extra weight in your legs then you can get away with a little bit of a distressed look.

If you have already have long, lean legs (I’m jealous) you can get away with a little distressed, otherwise steer clear as it will only cause the eye to focus there.

2. Adding height no matter your outfit is always slimming. 

I wear cute wedges every time I wear white denim to make my legs look longer and leaner. I know we might want to keep it casual with sandals but if you are shorter and carry your weight in your lower half this will make you look wider. I love a neutral pair like you’ll see in this video, because they go with literally everything. Here are two pairs I love from Steve Madden. Both super affordable and will last you season after season. 

3. Choose the right top. 

Don’t wear something baggy, too oversized and overpowering. You will get lost and loose the shape and curve you should be embracing. A slightly longer top to cover your tush and help provide dimension is ok, you can tuck it in and wear a great belt to really help break up your torso from your hips and thighs. If you are less curvy, throw on a nice distressed denim jacket. Adding texture and dimension does wonders for your figure!

I love these tops with white denim, all available in the Curated Closet HERE along with the perfect belt available in 3 colors HERE:

Now you have a great outfit that you can feel beautiful and confident in whether you are out to lunch with friends, running errands, on a dinner date, cruising on a boat, or a picnic in the park, you name it! 

XX – CALYgirl

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