New Brand Partnership

I’ve got the BEST news and I’ve been waiting to share this with you! Are you ready for it!?

I am sure most of you already know and love the iconic fashion brand, Express. Well….they reached out and invited me to join their brand as a Style Editor and of course I said “YES!” 

Isn’t that the most exciting news!?

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a minute since I shopped Express and it’s only because I’ve been so focused on the Curated Closet that I haven’t spent much time shopping elsewhere BUT….how perfect is this partnership!? 

I’m so excited because our brands are synergistic and compliment each other very well. This also allows me access to shoes, jackets, men’s wear and so much more. Have no fear the Curated Closet will continue to grow and thrive, this just enhances the CALYgirl STYLD brand and opportunities to grow and meet all your styling needs.

What’s this mean for you? Oh….really good stuff:
⚡️Deep discounts
⚡️Access to curated collections I have personally tried on and love
⚡️Ability to shop my storefront and more rather than be overwhelmed with going online 

Express is a fresh, young and on-trend accessible brand, and this partnership will allow me to continue to meet the demands of all of you stylish ladies. Express carries shoes, accessories, jackets and has an amazing men’s collection. I’m so thrilled for this partnership and look forward to continuing to connect with each of you and help YOU look and feel your best, sharing my love for on-trend, accessible style and accessories.

You can shop my storefront HERE.
You can also follow along over on the gram HERE.

Comment below and let me know you’re excited for this partnership! 

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  1. Marcie

    Congrats Jennie!!! This is such an amazing opportunity and I know one you will shine!! Can’t wait to see your star rise and all the great ideas you come up with!!

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