Safer Skincare for Kids

Having an EFFECTIVE skincare routine in place for your pre-teens and teens is as important as your skincare regimen in your adult years. As my kids get older I see how their skin is changing due to hormones and being more active. Just as my mom did, I want to make sure I am giving them the best possible skincare to use and be ahead of it rather than after the fact.

In my early teen years (and let’s be honest into college) I battled with oily skin, breakouts and black heads. So from an early age on I tried everything for my skin (thanks mom you never gave up) Proactiv, trips back and forth to the dermatologist to try different prescription cleansers, Acutane (two rounds), etc. Not only did they not work so well but they were packed with chemicals and toxins. Jim also suffered from skin breakouts throughout his teen years so pretty sure our children might have our combined “skin problems.”

Miles is 11 years old and suffers from black heads in his T-zone. I found the Countercontrol cleanser to be best suited for his skin. It’s good for tackling breakouts while being gentle on the skin.  Every week (or as needed) we do a charcoal mask to help pull the pesky black heads around his nose to the surface, making it easy for extractions. 

My daughter Skylar is 9 years old and already going through puberty. She gets the occasional breakouts around her mouth and nose and I find the Coconut Cleanser to be best for her. It’s mild, hydrating and non-irritating. Her sensitive, fair skin responds well to it.

Both of the kids also use our CLEAN Deo. I want to limit their exposure to aluminum in their blood stream and find it’s effective with tackling odor. Two thumbs up for sure!

Clean deodorant available in Coconut, Rose and Lavender.

Starting my kids on a skincare treatment that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE at the onset of challenges and issues is a game changer. I feel relaxed knowing the products I am putting on their young, sensitive and precious skin and bodies isn’t filled with toxins and will not bring any harmful side effects or additional hormonal disruptions. 

You are never too young or old to switch to SAFE and CLEAN skincare for you and your loved ones. Make the investment in your skin and your health today. All new clients will receive 10% off their FIRST order using code CLEANBEAUTYALL.

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